About Garden City Wholesale

Garden City Wholesale Limited
72 Buchan Street
PO Box 6110
Tel: 03 377 9916
Fax: 03 348 4010
Email: gcwholesale@xtra.co.nz

Garden City Wholesale Limited is a specialist importer and supplier of quality late model cars and vans. Business owner and operator David Peterson, has been actively involved in the used vehicle industry in New Zealand since 1985, and first began importing cars from Japan in 1988. From 1990 until early 2003, he was General Manager of one of the largest importing companies of vehicles in to New Zealand for the trade. Now specialising in the supply of late model and specialty vehicles, he takes pride in personally working with his clients, in an honest, courteous, and professional manner.

How Can Garden City Wholesale Assist You?

Whether you are looking for a 12 seater minivan, a late model 2 seater convertible, or a family sedan, Garden City Wholesale can help! In addition to the specialist areas detailed below, David enjoys assisting buyers from all over New Zealand with their individual vehicle needs, and can save you the hassle of searching for the vehicle that is best for you. You can buy with confidence, and because the business is run on low overheads, you make genuine savings!


Garden City Wholesale is a specialist supplier of minivans for a range of different uses including Schools, Taxi Companies and Tour Operators. Your seating fit-out is designed locally to certified safety standards, and the vehicle is tailored to your specific requirements and specification level. Full consideration is given to safety and comfort, and the interior is upholstered with long-life hard wearing materials.

Whether you need a certified Passenger Service Vehicle, or a Private Use vehicle, Garden City Wholesale can supply a minivan that is ideally suited. Schools, Senior Citizen groups, Sports Clubs, Rental Fleets, Tour Operators, Taxi Companies, Church Groups and Large Families can all be catered for, and you are guaranteed complete personal service and customer satisfaction.


If you are looking for a camper at a competitive price, contact David with your requirements. His network of suppliers attend the daily vehicle auctions throughout Japan, which means that if the vehicle you are looking for is not currently in stock, it can be sourced in Japan to suit your needs and budget.

Sports Cars & Convertibles

Indulging a passion for cars with style, David likes to have a convertible or two available for sale. Always on the lookout for the best of the best, if there isnít one in stock right now, you can be sure he is on the lookout for another top quality example to import.

Vehicle Search Service

Having built up a network of reliable contacts over many years in the industry, Garden City Wholesale can find the vehicle you are looking for. Whether you need an economical hatchback, a 4 door sedan, a sports car, or a family 4 x 4, you are guaranteed professional, personal service, with an attention to detail.

Without the rent associated with premises on a busy main thoroughfare, and by keeping advertising costs and other overheads to a minimum, Garden City Wholesale provides you with the opportunity to purchase your vehicle with confidence, at an economical and cost effective price, saving you time and dollars at the end of the day!